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Tiny Star BulletCommission RulesTiny Star Bullet 

  1. Commissions are always open unless I say otherwise. Please note me with a reference sheet and any specific poses or details you would like to add!

  2. Mild NSFW allowed and mild fetish art IS allowed. Please keep in mind I'm a minor if you would like a NSFW commission. Basically, no full-on porn. Note me for more details.

  3. If I feel it necessary I will refuse service to you. This would only be if per say someone requested rape, murder, terrorism, or hate speech. To clarify, I DON’T CARE ABOUT POLITICS. If you want your OC drawn in a political setting I will do so!

  4. I will not draw stolen characters or any character that does not belong to you without permission from the owner.

  5. Payment is done in TWO HALVES, and in POINTS ONLY. 50% before I start, and 50% when the piece is finished

  6. No refunds after the piece is completed. 

  7. If you ask for free artwork I will block you.

By commissioning me you agree to these rules, and failure to follow them will add you to my personal blacklist. This means I will not accept commissions, trades, or requests from you again.

Okay, time to stop sounding mean. Let’s get into the fun stuff!

Tiny Star BulletCommission Types and PricesTiny Star Bullet

Info by UberMedic07

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioHeadshot - 200 Points | $2.00 PayPal

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioBust - 500 Points | $5.00 PayPal

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFull-body - 1000 Points | $10.00 PayPal

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioLine Art - 500 Points | $5.00 PayPal (Full Body)

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPage doll - 100 Points (No Paypal)

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioSketch - 100 Points (No Paypal)

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPixel Icon - 100 Points (No Paypal)

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDetailed Background: +300 Points | $3.00 PayPal

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioMore Characters: +500 Points/$5.00 PayPal Per full-body Character

If you would like a commission, send me a note, comment below, or DM me on twitter UberMedic07!